Having inexorable curiosity and requisite need to believe that anything is possible, my style of photography captures what is, asks, “What if…” and expresses, “Why not?”

This curiosity is largely due to being the parent of identical triplet boys with Autism. Neither the label or their appearant challenges defines who they are or what they will be able to achieve. Hence, photography is not just about what I see, but what I learn regarding what life is trying to show me... always challenging what I thought I knew about the world and myself. Both are in need of greater patience to not be too quick to define what is seen before seeking to understand. This journey into self is often re-represented through my 'Artography'.

I believe that one’s potential is greater than one’s current state; and, given time, love and guidance, what isn’t seen can be. Now, hidden potential is what I look for in all things as I would imagine that this is what we all want: for others to recognize and help us develop to our full potential, even in our seemingly most awkward moments.

I hope you find the creative expressions within my Artography contemplative and inspirational—and that you are fervently encouraged to remain open to all of life’s possibilities.

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